Important Local Planning Applications

There is plenty of interesting and diverse architecture in our area. There are also Conservation Areas where any change has to be sympathetic. 

However, the real problem is a small change to building, where the change is not in keeping with the area. A roof extension here, an illuminated sign there. If these small changes build up, then we may lose what makes our area so special. 

Below are planning applications that we think will have a detremental affect on our area, so we will lobby the local authority about them. If you live or work close to one of the applications below, please write to the local authority with your comments, as this will have an impact and could make the difference between the application being granted or refused.

  • Spaghetti House, 15-17 Goodge Street, London W1T 2PQ:  Application:  ref. 2009/3502/TC

    DEADLINE FOR OBJECTIONS  8TH SEPT 2009. This application is to renew the permission for tables and chairs outside this property. However, since the last permission was granted, cycle stands have been put on the pavement outside this building so that when a bike is chained to the stand and the tables and chairs are out there is not much room for pedestrians to pass on the pavement.